Thursday, July 9, 2009

Attention Actors: Audition Notices

Doubt at Mainstreet Players

I am personally very excited for these auditions. I loved the movie and the play, thus would be honored to be a part of a production of Doubt. However, Mainstreet Players is a community theater, so if you're budget is tight, you might have to re-consider if you have a night job (like I do). I'm going to make the sacrifice, and take a chance because I have a feeling I don't want to miss out on this one.
"The audition will tke place on Saturday, July 11th from 12pm until 5pm at the theater. All who audition should bring a headshot and a resume and be prepared to do a 1-2 minute monologue. 1-2 minute monologue should be a dramatic monologue (comedic monologue is optional)."


Actor's Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre

If you click the link above, which is "Actor's Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre," it will take you directly to the Mainstage Audition Application which is this Monday and Tuesday, July 13th 10-6 and July 14th noon-8. This is their general season audition, including: The Marvelous Wonderttes, Another Night Before Christmas, The Great American Trailer Park Musical, Miss Saigon, and Unreasonable Doubt. This same audition will also be for the children's shows (which is what I have my eyes on!), which are: Alice in Wonderland, Madeline's Christmas, Jack and The Beanstalk, and Pippi Longstocking. They hire both Equity and Non-Equity actors, although I believe the children's shows are primarily reserved for Non-Equity.

I also just noticed a Youth Audition at Actor's Playhouse which looks pretty fun. Here is the audition notice that is posted on their website...


This Youth Repertory Company of 26 performers under the direction of Theatre for Young Audience¹s Director Earl Maulding will bring out the best in your advanced musical theatre performer. This group meets on Saturdays and some vacation days for 4-6 hours beginning around August 22nd and presents both a Musical Revue style show at Fairs and Festivals throughout South Florida and a fully staged musical in the spring at Actors¹ Playhouse¹s own ³Kids Fest². Volunteering at theatre events, a Summer Showcase and an end of the year awards banquet round out this unique and family oriented group. We will be adding approximately 15 new performers to the group this year!

Auditions will be held on Saturday, July 18th and Saturday August 1st.

You will need to prepare:

1. A one minute monologue.

2. A full song that you can sing to a Karaoke type CD or bring sheet music in the correct key.

3. Bring a picture of some kind.

4. Bring a resume of any prior training and experience.

5. Dress to learn a few easy dance steps.

Sexual Perversity in Chicago at Alliance Theatre Lab

Yes! You gotta love Mamet. If I don't get cast, I am definitely going to see this one either way. There seems to be a lot of Mamet going around; November and Speed the Plow were both on the season schedule at Gable Stage. But I am definitely not complaining :) Here are the details for Sexual Perversity...

August 29, 2009: 4 - 9 pm
August 30, 2009: 12 - 5 pm

Looking for two men and two women, mid-twenties to early thirties

To request an audition slot, please call 305.259.0418
or email

These were the only three auditions that I have seen for the next couple of months. If anyone knows of any others, please let me know and I will add them to the list. Break a leg!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Up and Coming Productions This Summer

Want Some Theatre In Your Life This Summer???
Eventhough the pickings are slim, there are still several theatre opportunities nearby to check out. I've compiled a list for both you and I of productions throughout South Florida that will definitely keep you entertained, out of the heat, and hopefully inspired. Enjoy!

Married Alive at Actor's Playhouse

July 8th-August 16th

"Married Alive is a funny and poignant new musical that will march down the aisle of the Miracle Theatre as our summer show. Married Alive celebrates the trials and tribulations of two contemporary married couples, one newlywed and one oldywed. Originally named From Niagara to Viagra, this hilarious new musical shows us the triumphs and defeats of marriage, from babies to empty nests, from job stress to wedded bliss. Married Alive will not only make you laugh, it will make a difference
in your life."

Some Kind of Wonderful at Florida Stage

July 1st- August 30th

"From the brilliant creators of CAGNEY! - A theatrical-concert that will melt your heart, lift your soul and make you want to laugh and sing out loud. In the few years starting in the summer of 1961, an extraordinary thing happened - music from every generation and from every walk of life rose like a tide that swept us up and defined our lives.

Hits from Sinatra, Streisand, The Beatles, The Supremes, Sam Cooke, Connie Francis, The Drifters, The Four Seasons and more!

An incredible cast gives beautiful voice to the songs that you fell in love to. The songs that lit you up and made your life whole. The songs that tell your story. Florida Stage Summer Musical '09 - it's SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL!"

Midlife Crisis: The Musical at Mainstreet Players

August 7th-August 23rd

"Three men and three women make up the cast of this wacky musical that takes a comic look at the “age old” conditions and situations faced in MID-LIFE! From reading glasses and mammograms to weekend warriors and proctology exams - all are lampooned with a Saturday Night Live non-sensibility. Everyone will relate to this hilarious, and at times, touching musical about the curiosities and inevitabilities of middle-age. If you bought some Gingko-Biloba, but can’t remember where you put it - then you’re ready for MID-LIFE!"

The Speaking Elephant at The Women's Theatre Project

August 6th-August 30th

"Based on the true story of Wanda and Winky, two aging Asian elephants living in the Detroit Zoo are placed in the middle of a controversy when the decision is made to relocate them to a place more conducive to their need - a sanctuary in California. The elephants' attendant is torn. How do you send someone you love away, even when it's for their own good? And how do you make them understand that when you don't speak elephant? While the humans examine the elephants' future, their physical and psychological conditions are explored with humor, wit and poignancy, reflecting the problems society brings when aging forces us to move out of our homes into a different environment."

No, No Nanette at Broward Stagedoor Theatre

8/21/2009 - 9/27/2009

"This is the story of Jimmy Smith and all the trouble he gets into and out of on a summer weekend. Included in the score are two of the most famous show tunes ever written: Tea for Two and I Want to Be Happy. The whole experience is refreshing, silly and uplifting! Winner of 4 Tony Awards for Choreography, Costume Design, Actress..."

The Glass Menagerie at Broward Stagedoor Theatre

9/11/2009 - 11/1/2009

"THE GLASS MENAGERIE is a drama of great tenderness, charm, and beauty that still resonates because it features some of Tennessee Williams' most unforgettable characters. Considered one of the greatest plays of the American Theatre, THE GLASS MENAGERIE is accounted by many to be an autobiographical play of Williams’ life..."

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Theatre Auditions in South Florida

To make a living/any money at all as a theatre professional how important is location? Pretty important I'd say. However, I have been pretty surprised with the amount of acting opportunities I have found lately in South Florida. Although, I haven't landed any roles as of yet, I have gone to an abundance of auditions! Mosaic Theatre, New Theatre, Actor's Playhouse, Fantasy Theatre Factory, the Naked Stage, Florida Stage, Rising Action Theatre, Alliance Theatre Lab, Gable Stage, FPTA's, Maltz Jupiter Theatre and Broward Stagedoor Theatre have all held or are holding their season auditions this summer. While I am booked with interviews this month, I fear that this could be the extent of acting opportunities in South Florida for the year. Its a sort of now or never feeling that seems like it would be non-existent in theatre hubs like NYC, Chicago, D.C. and L.A. I have also found that since the theatre community is so small down here, it could be difficult to break into, sort of like the new kid syndrome in elementary school? BUT I believe there are benefits of course to working as an actor in South Florida before making a BIG trip to the BIG Apple, like:

1. Professional Acting Experience=Resume Building
2. Talent pool is smaller, so competition is smaller
3. Rent is in most cases less expensive than in a big city, unless you're way down in the ritzy part of Miami
4. Most professional theatres down here hire Non-Equity actors (definitely a plus for the recent post-grad)
5. The auditions are pretty relaxed and casual from what I have experienced
6. There are several internship options for the up and coming theatre technician or administrator
7. Perfect your talents at lower costs; private singing lessons and dance lessons are bound to be more affordable than in the Big City
6. Save the best for last: Once you're in you're in!

Now, for the practical advice; here is what to expect at a general season audition...

If you don't want to be considered for a musical they are going to probably ask for 2 contrasting monologues of 3 minutes or less (combined).  I would recommend that you steer away from anything classical (Shakespeare, Aristophanes, Escolus, etc.) unless they specifically want to see a classical piece or there is a classical show in the season.  Speaking of seasons, make sure you read or at least familiarize yourself with the shows they have picked for the season (should be listed on the theatre's website) because if they offer the chance to do a cold reading you don't want to be the slacker who looks like they don't even know the role(s) they are auditioning for.

Now if you want to be considered for the musicals of the season, they will most likely want to see a 1 minute monologue and 16 bars of a song.  However, these requirements vary; I have had to do an up-tempo, ballad, and a 1-minute monologue or perhaps 2 contrasting monologues and 16 bars of a song.  Each theatre is specific, so be sure what you bring to the table is what they are asking for.  In my experience, the dance portion of the musical audition is usually during a callback at a later time, but definitely keep a change of dance clothes and shoes with you just in case the dance portion is the same day as the preliminary general audition.

Here are a few websites that I have found very helpful in the past couple months. They all list upcoming audition in the South Florida area:

Voices and Venues: Arts Employment in South Florida
Actors Info Booth
South Florida Theatre Scene: Upcoming Auditions

Hope this helps! I'll see you there and break a leg!

"What do you do with a B.A. in"... THEATRE? (Avenue Q style)

Well, I'm here folks. Where I knew I would one day be, but always thought that I would never get there. I have to warn you, for all of those who have embarked on getting a Bachelors in Theatre it is a tough world. I've hardly been out of college for a summer and already I know. I have a recurring flashback in my mind of my family arguing with me and insisting that I double-major so that I will have a back-up plan when my theatre dreams fall short (notice the use of "when" and not "if"). I remember how I would resiliently fight back professing my love for acting and trying to convince them that there was nothing else that I would ever do with my life. I was so sure that I didn't want an "alternative" plan because that was the only thing that I lived to do; and that was not debatable. Now 4 years later, with a Baceholr's in Theatre and a "full-timeish" waiting job, would I say the same thing? YES!! I have not grown old and bitter enough to say any ohterwise and I hope I won't ever see that day. I know it's tough, like I knew it would be when I started my journey. I can honestly say I didn't fully fathom how tough when I embarked, but I'm up for the challenge and I say that loudly still. Final thoughts to those embarking down this road is: relish in the beauty of it everyday because somedays won't always be as successful, confront yourself and the world around you and lead your community to a better version of itself. Thats why I am determined to do theatre, the world today could use some of that.